Kocostar is a mask specialty brand that delivers quality at-home beauty care through our hair-to-feet mask series.

We’re gaining a reputation as a revolutionary and innovative mask brand around the globe, featuring in over 50 countries. Our signature mask series is stocked on leading beauty websites and in luxury department stores.

Forget about that scary, ridiculous mask-look and be prepared to snap a selfie for your insta!

K-Beauty has become a worldwide phenomenon because of its focus on natural, healthy skin and these fun masks are a great introduction into this beauty revolution!

If you want to see a particular product in more detail click on the images below:

Kocostar Waffle Mask - Honey

£1.20 £3.99

Kocostar Rose Lip Mask

£1.20 £3.99

Kocostar Cherry Blossom Lip Mask

£1.20 £3.99

Kocostar Lip Mask Pink Peach

£1.20 £3.99

Kocostar Lip Mask Mint Grape

£1.20 £3.99

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