Opal Dual Ended Facial Roller

Skincare: For Face

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Product code: BEA-20-001

This ultimate facial care tool improves skin elasticity within seconds! The Opal stone helps to reduce wrinkles + fine lines, while the gentle pressure promotes blood circulation, boosts collagen + helps to reduce puffiness. Over time, skin should appear lifted + more radiant. For further relaxation, place in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation to help increase + stimulate collagen production. Also ideal for soothing headaches, reducing toxins and helping with overall sinus control.

• Wash face prior to use, + dry thoroughly
• For optimal performance, apply 1-2 layers of moisturising serum, gel or cream
• Place the large roller against skin + roll over cheeks, forehead, chin + neck for 3-5 minutes
• For smaller areas like lips and under-eyes, move the small roller slowly + gently in a back + forth motion from the inner to outer corners

Rinse with mild soap + warm water + lay flat air dry. Store in a cool dry place.

For adult use only. Keep out of reach from children.

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